TV Host Congratulates Biracial Twin for Looking White (VIDEO)

Open mouth, insert foot! That seems to be what one Australian TV host has done, when she recently congratulated a biracial teenager for having pale skin.


Teenage twins Lucy and Maria Aylmer, from Gloucester, U.K., were on Australia's Sunrise with hosts Samantha Armytage and David Koch to discuss their uniqueness. Most twins look very similar, even if they're not identical, but Lucy and Maria ended up looking like different ethnicity's!

Born in 1997 to a Caucasian father and half-Jamaican mother, Lucy appears to be white and Maria black, but both are biracial. The interview happened back in March, but the video is just now making international rounds for the totally inappropriate and racist thing Armytage said about and to the girls.

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Take a look at how she described the girls' appearances and see if anything sticks out at you:

"The Aylmer twins come from a mixed-race family in the U.K.," she said. "Maria has taken after her half-Jamaican mum with dark skin, brown eyes and curly, dark hair, but Lucy got her dad's fair skin -- good on her! -- along with straight red hair and blue eyes."

Good on her for having lighter skin? What the? A petition on demanding an apology, saying, "The 'good on her' comment was inappropriate, extremely offensive and very racist. This comment segregates sisters by favoritism base on skin colour and give the impression that Lucy is better or luckier for being fair skinned or as if Samantha can relate more to her solely because she is fair skinned which is by definition, racist."

Armytage did issue an apology this week to News Corp Australia, saying, "I would be mortified if anyone thought I would say or think anything racist. It's not in my nature. To anyone who I might have offended, I'm sorry."

We're hoping it really was a misunderstanding, but it's hard to construe the comment in any other light than that it's better to have lighter skin. Hopefully this TV host got her crash course in add-libbing and public relations, and doesn't make the same mistake again!

Do you think this comment was racist?

Image via Maria Aylmer/Instagram

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