Picture of Tiny Newborn With Real Grenade & Handgun Is Horrifying (PHOTO)

isis baby

Just when you thought ISIS couldn't go any lower: A propaganda photo released by the extremist group shows a newborn baby lying next to a handgun, a grenade, and a birth certificate -- presumably sending the message that by indoctrinating infants, the terrorist organization will continue to pose a threat for decades to come. Also, did we mention they put a newborn's head next to two deadly weapons?!


Shared on Twitter via Syria-based anti-ISIS activist Abu Ward Al-Raqqawi with the caption “This child will be risk to you not just to us,” the photo is disturbing on approximately 9 billion levels (not that we'd expect anything less from a group whose name has become synonymous with the term "beheading"). But even if we take the profoundly screwed-up politics out of the equation -- even if we choose to momentarily ignore the horrifying implications of using newborns as emblems of ideologies they're decades away from being able to fathom -- this photo is still enough to send chills down any sane person's spine.

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I mean, let's just cut to the biggest, most obvious "what if" here: What if the gun and/or grenade went off?! I'd like to believe that the gun wasn't loaded and/or the grenade was disabled or whatever you call it when you do something to a grenade so it won't go off, but what if somebody forgot and left a bullet in there or screwed up during the grenade-disabling process?! I'm afraid to put my baby in his bouncy seat on the kitchen floor if there's a pot of water boiling on the stove -- all the way on the other side of the room!! Sure, that's sort of irrational, but you get my point. Why take even the slightest risk? Then again, I guess keeping human beings safe isn't exactly top priority for the average ISIS member. 

Clearly this photo was meant to shock and scare the public, and, as such, I wish I could say it didn't bother me -- because that would mean their fear-mongering mission failed. Unfortunately, I'm shocked and scared.

What bothers you the most about this photo?

Image via Twitter

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