Kate Middleton Should Not Be Used to Sell Breast Milk Ice Cream

Be honest: You'd probably be pretty upset if a company used a photo of you (without asking) on its cartons of breast milk ice cream, no matter how you feel about the breastfeeding issue. And that's totally reasonable, because it's kind of a rude thing to do to another person. So does Kate Middleton deserves to be a little upset with the company that did this to her? Uh, yes.


The London-based company, the Licktators, worked with British breastfeeding advocate Victoria Hiley to create an ice cream made from breastmilk that's marketed to adults.

That's all well and good, but each carton has an image of Kate Middleton on it, and the release of the product was timed to coincide with the birth of the second royal baby ... which means that it is using Kate's "royal mother" status as a marketing ploy, presumably without her consent.

OK Magazine: Kate Middleton's due date is marked with ice cream made form human breast milk http://www.ok.co.uk/mum-and-baby/kate-middleton-birth-ice-cream-human-breast-milk

Posted by The Licktators on Friday, April 24, 2015

Apparently the idea is to remind the Duchess of Cambridge (and moms in general) of the benefits of breastfeeding ... but Kate definitely already has enough people telling her this, and regardless, an ice cream carton isn't the right place to be having that conversation.

When she married Prince William, Kate Middleton chose to live a public life -- it's just part of the job description. She's constantly critiqued and there are images of her floating around everywhere.

Most of the time that's fine, because she's a public figure. But it gets a little inappropriate when you use her image -- and that includes an actual photo and her royal persona -- to sell a product, and a controversial one at that.

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Not that she would ever do anything about it, but it sort of seems disrespectful, don't you think?

The company is donating all the proceeds (and that's all the proceeds, not just some) to charity, which would ease the pain of the situation a little bit if it weren't a charity that supports breastfeeding. 

If anything, that just makes things worse because now Kate's image is directly supporting a charity that she might not agree with or might not want to support.

It's true that the Duchess breastfed Prince George, but it's also true that she was careful to avoid becoming the face of breastfeeding campaign. So why would she want that this time around?

Kate is royal and because of that, she's one of the most public and important moms in the UK. If anything, though, that makes it worse that her image is being used to sell breast milk and the idea of breastfeeding because it's assigning the royal family to a side of this huge debate they've already chosen not to take part of. 

Do you think it was inappropriate for this company to use the royal image the way they did?


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