Totally Smart Pretty ESPN Reporter Thinks She's Better Than You, 'Fat Girl' (VIDEO)

You know that thing called general human decency? It's what stops you from say, murdering puppies or telling total strangers that they're fat and stupid. You know what that's about, but one ESPN reported apparently does not, and a video of her being a total jerk to a cashier came out. And it's horrible to watch. Really, really horrible.


Apparently, Britt McHenry's car was towed earlier that night, and this footage is of her paying to get it back. Want to watch her being the worst? You can:

Look, we get that people get stressed and getting your car towed stinks all around, but there is never ever ever ever an excuse to treat another human being like that.

McHenry went beyond just being rude -- she was being elitist, petty, and just plain mean. You shouldn't value somebody based on what they do or what they look like. That's something you learn when you're in, like, kindergarten. It's also something you should figure out pretty quickly once you start paying any attention at all to the world around you.

But apparently some people still haven't learned that?

We can't even figure out what's making us grind our teeth more: That she assumes she's better than that cashier because she has a degree and all of her teeth, or that she thinks it's okay to go ahead and share that info?

You can't assign values to other people. You can't decide that you're better than them, especially if all you have to go off of is what they look like and where they work. 

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And we're not even getting how much comments like hers hurt feminism. If you want the world to stop valuing us for how we look, you've gotta stop doing it, too.

We're looking at two huge issues in America that McHenry is really violently perpetuating here: the class divide and the gender divide. It's people like this who are making this battle feel uphill. 

McHenry apologized for her comments on Twitter, but based on timing alone, it feels more like a publicity stunt than a genuine "Sorry I'm a horrible person" comment. 

She was also suspended for a week, but again: It doesn't feel like enough. 

It's horrible to watch, but in the end it's probably better that this came out -- know thine enemy, and all that. And a MASSIVE thank you to that cashier, who, after all that, still tried to wish McHenry a good night. 

Do you have any experiences with people like that?


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