Waiter Fired for Writing '5 Black Guys' on Customers' Receipt (VIDEO)

A waiter in Texas has reportedly been fired after writing a "racist" remark on a table receipt. We've all seen these horrible remarks that servers occasionally write on restaurant tabs -- but was this really racist? The remark was: "5 black guys."


The table of pals noticed that their receipt from a restaurant called Zenna Thai and Japanese in Dallas has written "5 black guys," when one of the guys saw the description of them. He told NBC 5:

I looked at it and seen where it said customer name, and it said '5 black guys.' I was like, 'OK, wow.'

Another guy with the group said:

He could have just put, 'five guys at the bar.' That should have been sufficient right there. He didn’t have to put '5 black guys.' Like I said, as an older African-American male, that’s offensive to me.

Said another:

The timing whether this was, 'five Asian guys,' 'five white guys,' it was wrong, insensitive and downright disrespectful.

After they complained, the server was reportedly fired.

Hmmmmm. Interesting! I can see why the guys would have preferred to just be known as "5 human beings" but it's common for servers to write a description of a customer or party so they can keep them straight.

In fact, the restaurant, though it reportedly apologized to the men and also fired the server, say that is exactly what the waiter was doing, and no racism was intended.

Have we really got to the point where we can't refer to anyone by their skin color even in such an innocuous context? I'm pretty sure if I was in a restaurant where there were mostly black servers and black customers and if I was referred to on a receipt as the "blond white woman" I would not be offended.

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But this is why tables are usually numbered, so a server can just refer to the number. What if people are at the bar? I guess it's safer just to use clothing descriptions. Seems like instead of firing the guy, maybe a lesson in sensitivity would have been more in order.

Must be tough to be a waiter these days.

Was this racism?


Image via NBC 5

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