10 Top Worries of Bill Clinton Following Hillary's Announcement

bill clinton hillary clintonHillary Clinton is expected to officially announce a 2016 run for President. Excited? Depressed? I know. I know. We all have our thoughts and opinions on that, but she's got a good chance of winning because her campaign donations are expected to dwarf all GOP candidates combined. But let's turn our attention to that other Clinton for a moment and examine (from afar) exactly what's going on in Bill's head regarding all of this. FLOTUS be gone! There may be a FMOTUS among us! What does our beloved President Bill Clinton think of a return to the White House on completely different terms?


Muses Bill ...

1. I have been replaced. In more ways than one. I am going to be Hillary's third favorite President behind Herself and Obama.

2. I suppose I have to make myself look like a good spouse. Hill did it for me. I have to return the favor. Maybe I can recycle this line and change it to, "After last night, I want a woman who had the good sense to marry ME!" Comedy works, right?

3. Am I really going to be called "The First Man" now? Sheesh ...

4. Yes, yes I am. FMOTUS. *sad face*

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5. If Hillary thinks I'm going to do ALL the babysitting of our granddaughter now, she has another thing coming ....

6. Oh! Now I can go back into the Oval Office and re-live some incredible memories. Oh wait ... Hill isn't going to let me.

7. Will she get her OWN intern? Umm ...


8. How will we be able to distinguish our mail now if both of us get it addressed as "President Clinton." I've got to put on a sunny face. Do a happy dance. I have to.


9. Is this the Hillary I will have to deal with for at least four years?


10. No one is going to pay attention to me. There aren't going to be blogs devoted to how stylish I am or how I can make a J. Crew dress look like a million bucks. I'm ... I'm ... over. Over the Hill.

What do you think Bill Clinton thinks about Hillary's run for Presidency?

Image via Christopher Sadowski/Splash News

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