Fox News Host Claims Campus Assault Accusations Are a 'War on Boys' (VIDEO)

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros is taking an online beating today, after suggesting on-air that feminists had created a "war on boys" by encouraging false rape reports at universities. On Tuesday's edition of Outnumbered, they were talking about the Rolling Stone rape story case, in which no evidence whatsoever was found to collaborate their claim that a rape had taken place at the University of Virginia.


Host Harris Faulkner said an investigation into Rolling Stone and their so-called journalism practices was neccessary after the news story was basically debunked. "I want an investigation into what Rolling Stone was thinking," Faulkner said. "I don't know that an apology really does it."

She continued, "We know from our own reporting here on the couch that they let a reporter determine that she just wasn't going to track any further than the website -- she just wasn't going to do the complete job that we learned in Journalism 101."

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Guest host Katie Pavlich commented that the story played "into the narrative about campus rape, what is perpetuated on college campuses." She questioned, "Are feminist groups on campus wanting feminist reporters to write things like that and maybe giving them stories that aren't true?"

That's a very good question. Tantaros jumped in at that point, and called this false reporting about rape "the most dangerous form of journalism."

She said, "They're just looking for stories and if they don't get them, they'll just make it up ... but there's a bigger theme happening ... this hurts women, this hurts victims of sexual assault."

And here's where she dropped the bombshell. She said, "And I'm going to speak slowly here so all the feminist blogs can get this one because I'm sure they'll clip it. There is a war happening on boys on these college campuses."

"This is a real problem," she continued. "They say there's no opportunity to discover the facts, there's no opportunity to confront witnesses and to present a defense. This also hurts lower income students because they can't retain legal representation. They cannot fight back."

Then she went on to talk about the unfairness of accusers being able to go back their everyday lives after their claims of sexual assault have been debunked. "And so you have Lena Dunham, Rolling Stone -- it is a theme in this country to go after boys in this rape culture ... What happens after they assassinate their character? What happens to Lena Dunham? What happens to these fraternity boys? Absolutely nothing! And it hurts the women and the victims at the end of the day the most."

The lady makes a good point. Crying rape when it didn't happen is basically as bad as the act itself. It demeans real victims, slanders reputations, and creates a culture of fear instead of safety and empowerment. Journalists have a responsibility to check sources before reporting, especially when it involves sexual assault.

Do you think there's a War on Boys going on with false accusations of rape?


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