Are You a 'Prude,' a 'Slut,' Or a 'Bore'? Powerful Ad Shows What Women Are 'Worth'

You know when you're standing in front of the mirror in the morning and everything you try on feels like you're making a statement about what kind of person you are or how many boys you kissed in the last year? That skirt makes you look like a "prude," but those heels make you look like a "slut."  It's an impossible game to win, and we're sick of it. 


It looks like we're not the only ones. A Swiss human rights group called Terre des Femmes has grabbed the world's attention by releasing three ads that draw attention to how women are measured by society.

Here's the problem, though: No matter where you land on the scale, it's not going to be positive. If you're not a "prude," you're a "bore" or a "tease" or maybe you're even "asking for it." It's a trap that's been set up for us, because those scales shouldn't be there at all. 

Powerful, right? We're glad someone is finally saying it, because half the population probably doesn't even realize that we have to consider these things at all.

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What's even more messed up is how much worse it can get than just a passing judgment. In some parts of the world (and the United States is not always excluded from this), what women are wearing justifies rape and sexual violence. Legally. In a court of law.

The idea here isn't that women should wear a different kind of neckline ... it's that we should be able to wear whatever we want and not be judged or put in danger for it. We shouldn't look at this scale just to try and figure out where we land on it and make sure that we're not too "cheeky" today.


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The slogan for the campaign reads, "Don't measure a woman's worth by her clothes." And you shouldn't. Measure us by our how we treat strangers on the street or our grandparents or how we look at ourselves. Or even better? Don't measure us at all.

What do you think of the ads?

Image via Terre des Femmes/Facebook

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