Bud Light's 'Up For Whatever' Tweet Is the Reason We Drink Wine

Whoops. Another social media fail today, as Bud Light tweeted a highly inappropriate sentiment for St. Patrick's Day. The beer company has been promoting their "Up for Whatever" campaign, which is supposed to encourage adventures and having fun, but in this context, it's downright sexist, and some claim even promotes female sexual assault.


Bud Light has since deleted the tweet, but this is the Internet, and everyone knows the Internet is forever. Take a look at this screenshot and see if you find it offensive.

OK ... a photo of ladies partying, and encouragement to pinch them if they're not up for whatever? Whatever presumably being continuing the party in a more horizontal fashion? Drinking to excess?

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That's right guys, it's totally cool to pinch a woman who's not up for partying all night long and drunken, boozy sex!

Of course they (hopefully) weren't promoting sexual violence, but this is exactly the sort of thing that sends the wrong message to both men and women. It tells girls that if they're not up for partying hard, then they must be no fun at all. Whatever happened to getting to know each other over a coffee in the park, or a glass of wine at a bistro? You know, actually placing value on real conversation, rather than how much green beer you can knock back?

This is sort of thing that desensitizes guys to treating women as ladies. I'll probably roll my eyes if I get a good-natured pinch on St. Paddy's Day, but I will give a man a verbal smack-down if he dare insinuates I'm no fun because I'm not interested in getting drunk and going home with him.

Sorry Bud Light, but this was a total fail.

Does this tweet offend you?


Image via Ron/Flickr

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