'Hang Loose' Noose T-Shirts Elicit Outrage Because ... OMG!

How in the heck do things like this even get made? How do they go from being an idea in someone's head, through the manufacturing process, into a warehouse, sold to retailers, put on the shelves ... without anyone saying, "Hey, a T-shirt with a noose on it and the phrase 'hang loose' is a really terrible idea"?


Um, yeah. That happened. One shopper in a TJ Maxx in Kissimmee, Florida tweeted the photo of the highly offensive shirt they found for sale on the rack. Take a look and try not to cringe.

The photo was shared on Monday night, but immediately picked up steam as others shared their outrage over the image of a noose on a T-shirt, along with the words "Hang Loose."

That doesn't even make sense -- hanging ropes are tight. That's how they kill you. You're not supposed to be able to slip it off. Ugh. That's hardly the point anyway, I'm just saying that it's not even clever. If you're going to be wildly inappropriate, at least be smart about it.

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After the photo was shared hundreds of times in less than 24 hours, store spokesperson Doreen Thompson said, "At TJ Maxx, we take product matters very seriously and appreciate that this T-shirt has been brought to our attention."

She continued, "As soon as we became aware of the offensive T-shirt message, we initiated the process to remove this item from our stores and are internally reviewing how we inadvertently purchased the item ... We would like to apologize to our customers for any concern this may have caused."

Tavik, the company that manufactured the shirt responded as well, in a statement to The Washington Post. They said, "This item was released without going through proper protocols and has zero relation to anything other than surfing ... We will be pulling this item from retailers immediately."

It's good that both companies apologized, but geez, why did this even get made in the first place? It seems like there was a long line of people in the process who just weren't using their thinking caps.

Do you find this shirt offensive?


Image via Psycho Girlfriend/Twitter

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