Creator of 'Underage Red' Lipstick Can Kiss Us 'Old' Ladies Goodbye

Underage Red. That is the name of a new lipstick from reality star Kat Von D, and it's inflaming the Internet. Rightfully so, I'd say, because in what world is it OK to normalize adults having inappropriate relationships with underage girls?


The latest trend in beauty products is to give them provocative names. I was in the MAC store a few days ago, and almost blushed when I overheard someone asking for the "Fetish" lipstick. But you know, we're all adults, and no one has to buy these products, but holy geez, did someone really name a beauty product "Underage Red"?

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Kat Von D is notorious for pushing the envelope, but when it comes to her makeup product line, she takes it entirely too far. Remember when she labeled one of her lipsticks "Celebutard," and it got pulled from the shelf? It's hard to say if this new one is worse than that or not. Let's go with equally bad, shall we?

The lipstick called "Underage Red" has been on the shelves for about a year in Sephora stores, but is just now gaining media backlash for the wildly tasteless name. Tasteless being an understatement. 

I'm glad I'm not alone in my disgust for this product. Take a look at some of the tweets sent out by others with animosity for "Underage Red."

Some people are defending the name of the lipstick, because after all, it is just the name of a lipstick. But I can't. This name implies that there's something glamorous about older men picking up teenage girls. It's a name that may appeal to teen girls trying to look old enough to be "picked up," as well as young 20-somethings who wish they were still underage.

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No, I don't think this lipstick is going to cause anyone to be statutorily raped, but why even go there? The fact that some men are attracted to young, underage girls is nothing to wink at and name a beauty product after.

Kat Von D may be known for making waves and overturning stereotypes, but in this case, she went way too far. 

What do you think of the name of this lipstick color?


Image via Steve Snodgrass/Flickr

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