Ashley Judd Gets Called a 'Bitch Whore' on Twitter for Cheering on a Basketball Team (Because, Of Course)

ashley judd whore on twitterAshley Judd called out misogynist behavior on Twitter after being threatened and called names -- all because she's a Kentucky Wildcats fan.


Judd, who stars in The Divergent Series: Insurgent (premiering this week), was cheering on her team via Twitter during March Madness, which some users thought was grounds for an attack. And not the friendly my-basketball-team-is-better-than-your-basketball-team kind.

Ashley tweeted:

Wow, so NOT okay. And I'm really glad she called these people out on it to the world. Let their present/future employers know what they do on Twitter. Let their girlfriends know. Let their moms know. See that name @Leeroy_MAX? He had to take down his Twitter profile after Ashley called him out. Guess he's not such a "big man" after all.

Way to go, Ashley!

These guys are cowards. Sure, they've got very large cojones  when they're sitting behind their devices -- not so much when they sit crying that they were just joking/made a mistake/really like women/it was the culture, etc, when they are kicked out of school/arrested/outed, etc. Much like those frat boys who were pretty big while chanting their racist hate in private, but are now coming up with all kinds of excuses.

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Ashley follows in the tweets of Curt Schilling, whose daughter was threatened with rape when Schilling expressed his pride for her on Twitter; and Emma Watson, who was threatened with sexual attacks online after she spoke at the UN about gender discrimination. Both of them fought back.

Schilling is threatening legal action, and sent some of the more horrible tweets to the parents of the offenders. A few of the attackers were reportedly suspended from college teams; and Schilling says their tone instantly changed from arrogance to humility when they were confronted with real world consequences. No big surprise. Bullies crumble easily.

What do you think should happen to Twitter trolls?

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