'Slutty' Unmarried Women Blamed for Ruining Marriage Forever (VIDEO)

pregnant woman and man walkingMore and more of us are choosing to not tie the knot. As if that wasn't enough, new statistics show more couples than ever are not walking down the aisle before having a baby. And yes, they're actually making a conscious decision to scrap the "I do"s. Imagine that! The culprit behind this travesty that is unmarried couples becoming parents? The F-word, of course, laments FOX News host Andrea Tantaros.


On an episode of Outnumbered yesterday, Tantaros pointed the finger at feminism as the reason that "men specifically are opting out of marriage" in what she (and conservative news site Breitbart) call a "sexodus." (How clever.)

The host asserted:

Women have been encouraged to give it up ... freely with the rise of feminism, have sex like a man. So, they’re doing this and they’re not making the guy step up to put a ring on it.

Interesting. So, in other words, the Sex & the City, third-wave feminist revolution allowed us to think we could go around hooking up without strings, and now, that frightening liberal lady agenda to have sex without becoming a Mrs. first is killing the institution of marriage, which is bad news for babies born to these hippie-dippie unwed parents. Evil feminists, don't you know you're throwing everything -- traditional gender roles and the Leave It to Beaver family dynamic -- out of whack!?!

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Except, wait a tick. Isn't the beauty of feminism and, oh I don't know, living in 2015 as opposed to 1955 that women don't need to withhold sex or hold off on moving in or play mind games to "make the guy step up to put a ring on it"? That, instead, we're looking to forge equal partnerships that make emotional and economic sense? That we actually don't feel compelled to get married to find happiness and fulfillment within a romantic relationship, or to go onto create a healthy family environment with their partner?

Thanks to feminism, we're not afraid to leave marriages or domestic partnerships that aren't serving anyone anymore. Instead, couples who, in a previous, pre-Betty Friedan time, would feel pressured to stay together while passive-aggressively biting one another's heads off are able to part ways and more peacefully co-parent instead.

Huh. From the looks of it, feminism has actually empowered women, men, and their families instead of sunken them into an immoral, vow-less abyss. Go figure! But then again, if Fox talking heads could admit that, they'd be working against their "fair and balanced" campaign to turn the clocks back on years of progress.

Here's the clip in its entirety if you don't mind risking injury by eye roll ...


How do you think feminism helped or hurt your relationship/family?



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