Store Starts Labeling Clothes & Products From 'Women-Owned' Companies: Good Idea

Ever feel like you want to support women-owned companies? If you shop at Walmart, that is about to get a lot easier. The big box company has announced that it will begin to place a "women-owned" label on products that were produced by female-owned companies.


The sticker will look like this:


So far, the logo will appear on products made by Milo's Tea, Jelmar CLR Remover, HMS Mfg. Co Hefty Wastebaskets, Goldbug Inc. Carter's Newborn Shoes, Ariela and Associates Smart & Sexy Bra, and Ziegenfelder’s Budget Saver Pops. (Walmart doesn't decide which companies to label, the nonprofits Women’s Enterprise National Council and WEConnect International do.)

Will this change how you shop? I don't know about you, but I'd like to support female-owned companies. This doesn't mean I have anything against male-owned companies, which surely employ a lot of women, it just means that, given a chance, and faced with the decision of buying two equal products, one owned by a woman-owned company, and one not, I may very well decide to support the company owned by a sistah.

This is similar to the way I look for those labels that make it clear that a product wasn't tested on an animal -- something else that is very important to me. I also like to shop for American-made products and will often check where something is made.

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Given that Walmart has so far only found six products to label, it goes to show you how few companies that have a massive retail presence are truly owned by women. So I think it's important to give them some support. I'm already giving my support to men, because they already own the majority of businesses, and I no doubt am supporting them most of the time.

Cheers to Walmart for taking this step to support gals! I mean, uh, women!

Will this change the way you shop?


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