Pro-Life Prank Rubs Republican Politician the Wrong Way

Some lawmakers in Texas are making waves and angering the pro-choice crowd this week, after a number of signs were distributed to Republicans identifying them as former fetuses. GOP state representative Jonathan Stickland even reportedly had his plaque thrown in his face, and by another Republican, no less!


In honor of Planned Parenthood's trip to the state capitol on Wednesday, March 11, Texas Right to Life handed out the former fetus plaques to pro-life politicians on Tuesday.

Stickland was proud to display his sign on his office door, and posted about it on Facebook.

"Today Planned Parenthood is visiting and lobbying the Capitol," he wrote. "In honor of their visit, I put this sign up on my office door. Organizations that murder children are not welcome in my office."

To each their own opinion, right? LOL -- this is politics. Another Republican, Charlie Geren didn't think so, and word around the Capitol is that he "ripped down" the sign, and threw it in a staffer's face!

Stickland told the Texas Tribune, "It's just been ripped down and thrown in my staffer's face by Charlie Geren ... I thought it was absolutely handled in the wrong way ... I wish Rep. Geren was more professional about it instead of intimidating my staff."

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For his side of the story, Geren said the sign simply violated the State Preservation Board's policies. He admitted, "Tearing them down is hardly the deal ... If Stickland wants to act like a child, that's fair, but I did not rip it down."

According to one insider, "Certain members who are chummy with leadership but are still considered pro-life did not have their signs ripped down." The source admitted that Stickland may have been targeted because he is "one of the loudest voices in the House."

It's interesting to note that those who are friendly with Geren (he's in GOP leadership) got to keep their signs, but others like Stickland didn't.

Do you think Texas politicians should have been able to keep their "Former Fetus" plaques?


Image via Jonathan Stickland/Facebook

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