Badass Artist Fights Sexism With Sanitary Protection

A woman named Elone has started a feminist art project that takes empowering quotes about women and puts them on period pads. She then tacks them up around her city of Karlsruhe, Germany. She started posting pictures of the quotable pads on her Instagram and Tumblr pages. Take a look.


Right?! (Elone gives credit for the quote to CuteQueer96 on Twitter.)

This means "My name is not baby." I bet it's not "honey," "sweetie," or "mama" either!

Yes, you tell it, sistah!

Yikes, it's not all about looking pretty!

Unfortunately, there was a HUGE brouhaha with the period pad project because of credit given/not given to the most circulated quote about men being disgusted about periods. The message got a bit lost in the scramble for credit for a quote.

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Luckily for Elone, I am totally willing to have my quotes ripped off for the sake of sisterhood. So here's some ideas for your next pads:

"What's my period got to do with it?"

"If men had periods, there would be four mandatory paid vacation days each month."

"PMSing: That time of the month when you disagree with a man."

Huh? Whaddya think?

Got any quotes for Elone's period pads?


Images via elona_x/Instagram and fotzenueberall/Tumblr


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