The Painful Process of Trying to Reason With a FOX News Believer (GIFs)

crazy womanOh my America, I fear for you sometimes. I'm especially troubled to know that FOX News is still the most trusted network, according to the latest poll. A whole 29 percent of you trust FOX, while only 22 percent of you trust CNN. Please you guys, help me understand why!


I just want FOX viewers to understand what it's like trying to have a logical conversation with them. It always starts off pleasantly enough.

"Hi Suzanne, great to see you!"

"Julie, haven't seen you in ages. You look great!"


But then, someone says something FOXy.

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"You've been working out! Unlike that fatty, Michelle Obama. Can you believe she has the nerve to tell our kids to 'Let's Move'?!?"

shocked glee

"Wait, what? The First Lady is in amazing shape. Have you seen her arms?"

"Whatever. I never noticed until Keith Ablow mentioned on Outnumbered that she needs to drop a few. The Obamas are such hypocrites!"

shock glee

"She ... she works out. A LOT. She could run circles around both of us, then pick us up and throw us across the room. Also, who is Keith Ablow and what is Outnumbered?"

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"You know, on FOX News?"

shocked mark wahlberg

"Oh my God. You watch FOX News. I had no idea. You always seemed so nice."

eye roll

"Oh please. You've been brainwashed by the liberal media. That's why the show is called Outnumbered." 

big sad eyes

"But FOX News lies. About everything!"

 eye roll

"FOX tells America the truth it needs to hear!" 


"That if any race should not feel guilty about slavery, it's Caucasians?"

"Who said that?!?"

"Rush Limbaugh. On FOX."

"Oh well, maybe he's right."

head exploding



"GUH! I don't agree with everything Rush Limbagh says. Anyway, I like Megyn Kelly a lot and she's SO liberal so FOX is totally fair and balanced and so am I."

are you kidding me

"Okay! Well. Great seeing you as always. Um, I learned a lot! About you."


"Yeah, likewise. M'kay, see ya around!"

And from then on out, you can't even look each other in the eye.

Do you ever get into arguments about FOX News, or do you try to avoid the subject?


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