Officers Suspended for Appearing in Sexy Video Deserved It (It's Not Like They're Firefighters!)

Two peace officers have been suspended in Utah, after a risque video they both appeared in came to light. The video was full of bikini-clad women firing guns, and the officers appeared in camo uniforms, identifying them as police.


The Utah Department of Public Safety cited a three-day suspension for Utah Highway Patrol sergeant Rob Wilkinson, and a one-day one for State Bureau of Investigation agent Justin Hansen. Neither of the men received pay during the suspensions.

The video was shot in June, when Wilkinson and Hansen were present for a photoshoot at the Big Shot Ranch that involved sexy British models posing in bikinis with impressive firearms for a calendar called "Hot Shots."

A promotional video for the calendar was posted to YouTube in October, which is when the guys got in trouble with their departments. They hadn't asked for permission to participate with the shoot, and were disciplined for "conduct that brings discredit to an officer or agency, and for wearing their uniform during a promotion for a product."

According to an internal affairs report, the men were asked by an acquaintance to supervise the firing line where the models were shooting at targets.

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So what's all the fuss? Uniforms matter, that's what. When you represent an organization by the uniform you wear, you have to be cognizant about their values and culture. This was a photoshoot for a risque calendar, and not one that police officers in Utah cared to participate in.

That's why it's cool for firefighters to pose for sexy calendars or other activities of that nature -- because it's expected by the stations that participate in them. It's good fun, and it's accepted by the group as a whole. The same thing can be said for the awesome groups of Marines or other servicemen and women who choreograph fun routines to popular songs and share them on the internet.

If the state law enforcement in Utah had been on board with this project, that would've been one thing. But they weren't, and these guys were rightly disciplined. Next time they should change out of their uniforms first.

Do you think these guys should've been punished for wearing their uniforms in the "Hot Shots" video?


Image via Hot Shots Calendar/YouTube

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