Instagram of Homeless Woman Reading 'Vogue' Is Inspiring, So Why All the Fuss? (PHOTO)

A Vogue editor who also happens to be a German princess (really) is in hot water after posting a picture of a homeless woman to her Instagram account. The photo showed the Parisian homeless woman bundled up in dirty clothes and a ratty blanket leafing through the pages of the iconic fashion magazine.


Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis wrote: "Paris is full of surprises and @voguemagazine readers even in unexpected corners!" People went ballistic. Because of course they did.

The photo was called tasteless and cruel, and von Thurn und Taxis was accused of making light of the woman's predicament and finding humor in her suffering.

Even the homeless woman herself, Maryse Dumas, who was tracked down by the Daily Mail Online, does not appear to appreciate the photo. She told the paper:

It's not nice taking pictures of people living on the street, that's not polite. It's no joke being destitute, living on the street.

Have we all lost our minds? How on Earth is this picture, or its caption, offensive? Unless I'm missing something, von Thurn und Taxis expressed some surprise at a homeless woman reading Vogue and seems delighted by it. She does not express disdain or find the situation humorous.

If anything, she seems to be making the point that no matter your circumstances in life, one can appreciate a little fashion and glamour. And sorry if she expressed that it was "unexpected" -- it is! I have seen probably thousands of homeless people in my lifetime and never seen one reading Vogue. So, yeah, it is a bit unusual. What's the harm in acknowledging that?

I think the problem here was not the photo, nor even the caption, but the fact that it was taken by a princess, a woman of privilege. If an average person had taken this, it would have gone viral and people would have praised the photo and the caption!

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At first, the princess defended herself, writing:

Why cruel? The person to me is as dignified as anyone!

But eventually she gave up against the bleating offended masses, apologized, and has since taken the photo down.

Do you think the photo is offensive?

Image via Elisabethtnt/Instagram

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