Hillary Clinton's Suspicious Move May Have Ruined Her Presidential Dreams

Even incredibly intelligent and shrewd people sometimes do highly questionable things. Hillary Clinton, who many hope will become a 2016 presidential candidate, just did something incredibly suspicious that may ruin her chances of becoming the first female president.


Clinton reportedly used her personal email account—and only her personal account—to send thousands of correspondences during her tenure as secretary of state. This is a big no-no and could mean she violated federal requirements that all elected officials use government email so that records of their correspondences can be kept on file.

There are exceptions made to this rule. Officials can use personal accounts if their emails are classified and sensitive. But Clinton reportedly NEVER even had a government email address during the four years she served at the State Department. Also weird—and possibly illegal: her aides reportedly didn't preserve any of her personal emails, which violates the Federal Records Act. 

Was there not one person on her team who thought: this is D.C., where people are exposed all of the time for wrongdoing ... maybe we'll save Clinton's emails, if only to keep her from seeming suspicious?

Forget her team. How did one of the smartest women on the planet not think this could happen? And did anybody think, well, even if we make sure Clinton's emails disappear, the recipients of her emails may not have done the same?

This all seems like something a 16-year-old trying to hide her online actions from her mom could have figured out.

The Clinton email scandal came to light only after a hacker named "Guccifer" leaked emails sent to Hillary from a former aide named Sidney Blumenthal. HATE the fact that we can now all read classified exchanges from 2012-2013 about the Benghazi attacks and Algerian hostage crisis, because I do believe some information should remain classified, but this is what happens when you appear to be hiding something.

Side note: maybe it's time officials make believe it's 1980 again and start meeting under secluded bridges in the middle of the night to exchange classified info because my teenage niece can probably hack into an email account at this point.

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I had high hopes for Hillary and I'm disappointed in her for either presuming she was above reproach or for blatantly disregarding a rule put in place to keep our elected officials from abusing their power.

Clinton's spokesman claims she didn't violate any laws, but her team is now going to have to work hard to prove all of her correspondences were sent from a private account for reasons that involve national security.

And they're going to have to work quickly because 2016 is just around the corner.

What do you think about what Clinton did? Will this ruin her chances of becoming a presidential candidate?

Editor's Note: It has since been reported that Hillary Clinton's personal email use may have come before rule changes that prohibited it.


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