Civilians Try to Guess Military Slang & Hilariously Fail (VIDEO)


This is ingenious! How did know one else think of this before?! Buzzfeed created a hilarious video where everyday Jane and Joes try to guess the meaning of military slang -- and then of course they show the video to real-life men and women of the military. I'm not quite sure what's better: Hearing the civilians' guesses or watching the military members' reactions. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is wrong with you if you don't watch this? (You'll know what I'm talking about in a minute.)


Check it out. And try to guess what the phrases mean. Some people actually get them right -- pretty impressive.

Not sure what my personal favorite is here, but Balls Watch is definitely top two. It's funny, because even though most people with no ties to the military wouldn't have the faintest idea what all the slang means, once you hear the answer, it's like, "Ohhhhh. How could I have missed that?"

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Like I said, this was a great idea for a video. It had to be hilarious for those five veterans to hear some of the Buzzfeed staff's guesses. I vote for a Part Two. Though, not gonna lie: Balls Watch is going to be hard to top. Love this.

Did you know any of this slang? What's your favorite?


Image via Buzzfeed Yellow/YouTube

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