Joe Biden Caught Acting Bizarrely Inappropriate ... Again (VIDEO)

So ... here's some video of Joe Biden getting uncomfortably close with a woman. The Vice President seems to have a habit of getting a little too touchy-feely with the ladies. This time it was the wife of our new Secretary of Defense, and the whole thing was caught on video.


On Tuesday, February 17, Ashton Carter was sworn in as our new Secretary of Defense. He was giving some remarks at the podium, alongside Vice President Biden. Then Biden went over and grabbed Carter's wife Stephanie, who looked like she'd rather be anywhere else.

Especially when the Veep whispered a sweet nothing into her ear. Er, well, we don't know exactly what he said to her, but the look on her face says all we need to know about the unwanted attention. Take a look (watch at the 32-second mark):

Um ... yeah. This incident of course reminds us nothing of the time Biden got cozy with a biker chick in his lap. At least this lady seems to be enjoying the attention.

Nope, it was more like the time he seemed to get a little too friendly with Maggie Coons, the daughter of Senator Coons, who later had to make a statement saying that his daughter didn't think Joe Biden was creepy at all, based on this photo.

Make someone should have a little chat with Joe about proper conduct around females, and the importance of keeping your hands to yourself.

What do you think Joe Biden whispered to Stephanie Carter?


Image via CNN

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