President Obama Made a BuzzFeed Video Instead of Doing His Job

Oh geez. I don't even know where to begin with President Barack Obama's BuzzFeed video promoting Yup, the Leader of the Free World spent God knows how long filming this cutesy little advertisement, but it's time he should have been spending elsewhere. And I'm not talking about his tee time.


I get that the whole point of this video is to show that the prez is just like everyone else, once you strip away his job title. After all, they did call it "Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About." Look! Obama takes selfies! He practices saying words in a smudgy mirror! He says, "YOLO!"

He's just like meeeeeee!

Ugh -- gag me. No, the president is not "one of us," he is the Commander in Chief of the greatest military presence on the planet, and there are parts of this world that need some serious intervention right now.

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Maybe you heard about Kayla Mueller, the American humanitarian worker who was confirmed murdered by ISIS this week? Or the Syrian refugees fleeing their homes in fear for their lives? The fact that the Islamic State terrorist organization is rapidly gaining momentum and power? In fact, ISIS just bombed an Iraqi base with US troops inside. But YOLO!

What about our own border crisis? It's still a mess down there, and Obama isn't doing anything to help that situation.

He could approve the Keystone pipeline, for goodness sake, and bring countless jobs to the economy, not to mention lessen our dependence on foreign oil, because OH YEAH, maybe it's not such a good idea to import the majority of our petroleum from the Middle East.

Gah. This video is a complete waste of resources and our president's time. People haven't been visiting the site because it sucks. It's so bad it's become the butt of jokes and even a Jon Stewart rant. Maybe instead of making "President Is One of Us" videos, we could work on improving the user experience of actually signing up for government mandated health insurance.

The president has more important things to do than star in BuzzFeed videos. He is NOT one of us -- he's the President of the United States of America.

He should freaking act like it.

(And someone should get some Windex and clean that mirror -- it's driving me bonkers just thinking about it.)

What do you think about Obama's BuzzFeed video?


Image via BuzzFeed Video/Facebook

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