Obama Uses Selfie Stick in Hilarious New Video Because YOLO! (WATCH)

obamaPresident Barack Obama has made a video with BuzzFeed called "Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About." This isn't an overdub -- it's our President talking to himself in the mirror, making faces, drawing pictures for Michelle, and talking selfies with a selfie stick. Yes, our President made this video. And it rules. 


My President! I'm not going to talk about anything but this video, which is a fantastic way to get our attention to what he wants us to pay attention to -- healthcare. So Obama makes the funny faces and noises in a mirror that could use a little cleaning, he works on his pronunciation of February, he winks, he mugs in sunglasses, he scores invisible basketball shots, and he blames himself for his cookie not fitting into his glass of milk. Hearing him say "Thanks, Obama" was quite funny and I think that holds true no matter if you are one of those people who posts hate memes of our President or not. He is one of us. He is human! This is cool. Let's just for a moment focus on the message: heathcare. Let's be healthy, people. Let's take care of ourselves and thank Obama (in the sincere way) for the reminder that we should sign up by February 15.

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It's not just Obama in this video -- it's his "staffer" who partakes in the same shenanigans as Obama does when no one is looking. He catches the Pres playing pretend basketball and Obama's response is perfect. "Can't I live?" Yes, you can. (Yes, we can!) YOLO, man. Watch.

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The Washington Post featured an article asking readers to point out which image diminished the presidency the most. Haters gonna hate. But I think Obama is gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake ... shake it off. Shake it off. I'll just leave you with that and this.

What do you think of Obama's video "Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About"?

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