Hypocritical Politicians Had No Business Attending the Grammy Awards

Debbie Wasserman SchultzThere were a lot of celebrities rubbing elbows at last night's Grammy Awards, and even a special pre-taped message from President Barack Obama, but there were two famous women in attendance who had no business being there. Democratic Congresswomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sheila Jackson Lee should not have accepted tickets to the lavish event.


The fact that these champions of social justice and income equality felt just fine schmoozing with the rich and famous, while the rest of us mere mortals watched from home (those that can afford cable, anyway ... pretty sure there's not a welfare program for that yet. I hope.) is so hypocritical, it actually makes me respect Miley Cyrus more.

Let me be clear -- I have no problem with the Grammys, with award shows in general, and certainly not with wealthy celebrities. There were a lot of hard-working, extremely talented people there last night, and they deserved to be honored for their artistic contributions to music. Have a party, eat some caviar, and drink some champagne. We should all be so lucky.

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But something sticks in my craw about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sheila Jackson Lee being there. Apparently I'm not the only one, as the ladies are currently being raked over the coals by jaded and disgruntled voters, who have called their attendance the height of "hypocrisy."

Facebook group 100 Percent FED Up shared a photo and said, "Inequality queens living it up at the Grammy Awards."

It's been liked nearly 700 times and shared by hundreds more.

The thing is, both Wasserman Schultz and Jackson Lee are both highly outspoken advocates for "social justice" and have unfairly and openly slammed Republicans for wanting to leave poor people in the dust. If they're so concerned that the wealthy live such different lives than the destitute, then how dare they participate in it?

You cannot bash wealthy people for having money to party and then attend those parties yourself. It doesn't work that way, folks. They should've given their tickets to two people at a homeless shelter -- or better yet, they could've hopped on the anti-domestic abuse bandwagon and given their tix to victims recovering at a battered women's shelter.

When Miley Cyrus wanted to put the spotlight on homeless teens, she actually invited one to the 2014 VMAs. She didn't attend herself in his honor, she actually did something.

Instead, Wasserman Schultz's press secretary alluded to the Grammys being an "informational session," where "Members on both sides of the aisle ... can hear directly from the creative community about the changing music industry."

Yup, they're calling it a business trip. Meanwhile, Wasserman Schultz recently accused Republicans of leaving people behind to struggle. "There is too wide a gap between people who are doing really well and people who are still struggling," she said. Jackson Lee's people did not respond for comment.

Do you think it was hypocritical for these women to attend the Grammy Awards?


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