Islamic State Guidebook Recommends Girls Getting Married as Young as 9

With all the girl power happening recently in the U.S. (thanks, #LikeAGirl!), it's easy to forget that there are other parts of the world where women aren't viewed so highly. An all-female group from the Islamic State recently put out a manifesto of sorts for women of ISIL, guiding them to know their place in the home, not become too over-educated, and get married at 9 years old.


Um, what? A British group called the Quilliam Foundation translated and published the text in English, and what it says is simply shocking. The anti-terrorism think-tank called it "a recruitment tool for Muslim women to join the militant group." They also said it's a "heavily propagandized snapshot of living conditions for women in its territory."

The guide aims to show women how lucky they really have it to have to live in a burka in the desert heat of the Middle East, not to mention stay home and do nothing but care for their husbands and children. It's not at all like icky Saudi Arabia, where women wear scandalous dresses that are basically rape invitations (my words, not theirs).

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While mentioning a woman's place at home, it says, "Pursuing these desired goals, above all else, is enlightened, cultured and developed ... We say, regarding each gender's role, that to have a job is a task reserved only for men -- he has been given the body and brain, and he must tend to his women, wives, daughters and sisters, according to his circumstances."

Because we women apparently have tiny woman brains that aren't good for much else besides getting married at 9 years old and learning to cook and sew.

It also magnanimously allows women to get an education from the ages of 7 to 15, focusing on areas of sharia, Islamic history, basic sciences and accounting, cooking, and knitting. They are permitted to works as teachers or doctors, or to practice jihad, but it makes clear that it is "always preferable for a woman to remain hidden and veiled, to maintain society from behind this veil."

As far as marriage, it purports that "It is considered legitimate for a girl to be married at the age of 9 ... Most pure girls will be married by 16 or 17, while they are still young and active. Young men will not be more than 20 years old in those glorious generations."

It claims that when the Islamic State militants took over and brought back burkas and hijabs, "decency swept the country." It says, "Respect for their bodies has returned and has been taken from the eyes of onlookers, with their corrupted hearts. Causes of their humiliation are prevented, revealing dresses were confiscated from shops, and scandalous photos were banned from walls and shelves. Muslims, with the permission of God, were cleansed."

No mention of how men are supposed to control their sexual desires when they see a pretty lady in the street.

The whole thing proclaims that women have it far better living under ISIL, because they are protected. Sorry, but getting married at 9, having to cover every part of your body every time you walk outside, and being told you have no place outside of the home is oppressive and just plain wrong.

My hearts break for the women subjagated under sharia law, where they are told that they are worth nothing without a man to tell them what to do.

What do you think of this "guide" for the women of ISIL?


Image via Annabelle Shemer/Flickr

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