Vladimir Putin Has Asperger's According to Embarrassing Pentagon Report

vladimir putinYou guys, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has Asperger's syndrome -- that is, according to the Pentagon. CBS News got its hands on a Pentagon report that claims Putin has "an autistic disorder which affects all his actions." And that's not even the most ridiculous part.


The report goes on to say that Putin's "neurological development was significantly interrupted in infancy," possibly caused by a stroke his mother may or may not have had during pregnancy. I say "may or may not have had" because that's pure speculation. Also because SERIOUSLY, PENTAGON?!?

Since when are you in a position to diagnose a world leader with Asperger's syndrome? YOU ARE NOT HIS PERSONAL PHYSICIAN. How the hell would you know?

Even the doctor cited in the Pentagon report has retracted the diagnosis. Dr. Stephen Porges was quoted as saying Putin "carries a form of autism." Now he says he "would back off of saying [Putin] has Asperger's" and just thinks the world leader exhibits very defensive-looking behavior and facial expressions. So maybe negotiate with him in a quiet setting instead of out in public. Well ya don't say!

I get that this was probably some effort to understand Putin's personality so we can engage with him effectively. I'm assuming that's the strategy here.

But this is such an embarrassing gaffe, I shudder to think what the Russian leaders are thinking about us. How can they possibly take the Pentagon seriously, now? Unless this is all just an elaborate ploy, a fake report that makes the Pentagon look harmless and silly so Russia will underestimate our intelligence.

Eh, no. I'm afraid the simplest explanation is the most likely, as usual. This is a sad case of people being knuckleheads.

Bear in mind, I am in no position to diagnose anyone as a knucklehead. I am not a physician, nor have I personally treated anyone at the Pentagon. I'm just saying. As an untrained blogger reading news on the Internet, I believe I am seeing behavior that is consistent with knucklehead syndrome.

How do you feel when people give armchair diagnoses of autism spectrum disorders?


Image via Robert Cianflone/Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final/Getty Images

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