14 Burning Questions Men Should Have to Answer

confused manWomen get hit with a lot of silly questions and comments men don't have to face. For example, remember when that reporter asked Amal Clooney what she was wearing to court while representing a high-profile case on the freakin' Armenian Genocide? You would NEVER ask a male barrister that question! So why ask Amal?!?


Inspired by that nonsense and a question recently posed by Daily Life columnist Clementine Ford, women have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #QuestionsforMen, flipping some of those questions back to the guys. The results? Well, see for yourself. I mean, yeah, men and women are different ... but are we that different, really? 

Right? When do men EVER get asked that question? Never, that's when.

Here's a fun one that may sting for some of you.

Dads have to put in a whole lot more time at the office before people start questioning their commitment as parents. They're just providing for their families! But moms with career ambitions are being selfish, obviously.

Psshh, how many men even take more than a few days' paternity leave in the first place?!?

You know what's funny, though? A lot of men actually DO wait until they're established in their careers before having kids. But you never hear them talk about it publicly. Why not? I'd like to hear more about that.

I mean, why didn't that happen in college? Okay, it's mostly our 70-plus-year-old relatives who say that. Fair enough.

This is from an entrepreneur. But honestly, women of all walks of life get asked this question all the time. And then when you have one, they want to know when you're having another. Ask five men you know: How many times have you been asked if/when you're having kids?

Think about your female friends who deliberately chose not to have children. They kind of get treated like weirdos. Not so for men.

Nope. Not happening. Oh -- he's just "not ready yet." Sowing his wild oats and all. What do women have? Oh yes, a limited number of eggs.

Ladies, we need to keep up our end of the street harassment. Men are getting left out!

Impure thoughts: Women's responsibility since 20,000 BC.

Maybe you should? Maybe it should be about who has the cooler-sounding name, instead of who has the penis.

Haw haw! How did they find out about my super-fantastic invincible self-defense trick?

Just check out some of the Twitter responses to #QuestionsforMen and you'll see a lot of threatened guys lashing out in crude, sexually explicit, and even violent ways. Way to represent and prove our point!

Are you on your MERIOD???

What do you think -- do you agree that women get asked a lot of silly questions men don't get asked? 


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