Clinton or Biden? Obama Reveals His 'Favorite' to Samantha Guthrie

Barack ObamaAfter 2014's ridiculously tense pre-Super Bowl presidential interview with Bill O'Reilly, Barack Obama (and NBC) decided to go a much lighter route in 2015 with Samantha Guthrie. In between banter about beer and DeflateGate, the Today host played a round of "either/or" with the president and even asked him, "Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden?"


Before the kickoff, President Obama did his annual pre-game interview, and while he wouldn't make a prediction on who would win, he did answer some very important questions involving snack foods.

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Guthrie and Obama chatted from the White House kitchen where he showed off his honey-brewed beer, what he wants to accomplish in the next two years, and who he thinks will succeed him as president.

He Brews His Own Beer: Or at least someone at the White House does! It's made from honey from Michelle Obama's garden, and he claims that he's the first president since George Washington to brew beer in the presidential residence.

He Doesn't Think DeflateGate Matters: "The Patriots were going to beat the Colts regardless of what the footballs looked like," he confidently claimed. It's probably true. He also wondered if this would lead to higher regulation by the NFL of the balls.

He Prefers Chips to Wings: After making the tough decision, Obama came down on the side of chips and guac over wings.

He's Proud of Americans: He said Americans have dug themselves out of a tough recession, and that is a celebration. "It's not about politics," he said, while citing rising wages and lower unemployment.

Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden: When asked this question pointblank, the prez deadpanned, "Love 'em both," before commending Guthrie for her "good try" in getting him to predict the democratic presidential nominee for 2016.

What question would you ask the president?


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