Looking at Ryan Gosling Turns Men Into Feminists (PHOTOS)

feminist ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling: Academy Award-nominated actor. Sex symbol. Feminist trailblazer. Wait, what was that last one?! No, really -- allow me to explain. You know that "Feminist Ryan Gosling" meme? The one all the ladies love because it combines hot pics of Ryan Gosling with such pro-woman sentiments as, "Hey girl ... let's use the scientific method to explore interventions that can fight back against institutionalized misogyny"? Well, it turns out those viral images are more than just thought-provoking eye-candy for women -- they're apparently also capable of convincing men that there's something to this whole feminism thing, after all. 


A study conducted by two PhD students at the University of Saskatchewan found that men were more likely to agree with feminist statements after being exposed to the Ryan Gosling meme (participants filled out questionnaires rating their level of agreement with said statements after viewing pictures of Gosling with and without feminist text). Huh, really? I mean, that's great, don't get me wrong, but ... what exactly is it about these images that holds such a persuasive power over not-necessarily-feminist dudes?

feminist ryan gosling

Researchers aren't sure but think Gosling's successful track record with the opposite sex might have something to do with it: “He’s viewed as sexual competition, so he becomes someone to live up to,” theorized study co-coordinator Sarah Sangster, while co-researcher Linzi Williamson admitted, “We don’t know what it was about him that they liked so much."

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Okay, so, basically what they're saying here is that guys are willing to be feminists if it means they'll somehow magically become more like Ryan Gosling in the process? Or that feminism is A-OK now because Cool Guy Gosling gave the belief system his virtual stamp of approval? Exactly how influential is Gosling, potentially, and is this something we should be concerned about? Like, if there happened to be a Cannibal Ryan Gosling meme, would dudes "agree" with statements advocating the consumption of fellow human beings? Well, I guess I agree that roast leg of lady is delicious, but, you know, only cause Ryan Gosling said so.

feminist ryan gosling

I suppose any progress on this front is something to celebrate, though I'm not sure I really want to live in a world where guys need a two-dimensional movie star to tell them it's not going to diminish their manhood to make a gal a freaking sandwich. And I'd love to hear what Gosling himself has to say about this whole phenomenon (inbox me, bro!). 

Why do you think looking at Ryan Gosling is changing men's minds about feminism?

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