Drunk Droning Is a Real Problem for President Obama

We may not have hover boards (yet), but nothing reminds us its already 2015 like the latest incident report from the White House. Apparently some dude tied one on the other night and got busted "drunk droning" by flying his drone up and over the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Yup, apparently a National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency employee was reportedly "drunk as hell" when he flew a small drone over the White House fence on Sunday morning.

Officials told the New York Times that the man reported to the Secret Service that he'd been drinking with his buddies at a nearby apartment, when they decided to have fun with the drone. Ah, boys and their toys, amirite?

According to the Times, the man lost sight of the drone, and feared that it might have landed within the White House complex. So instead of alerting the authorities, he passed out. Hey, alcohol makes for some good stories, it does not make for good decisions.

Anyway, it wasn't until the next day when the guy realized how badly he had messed up ... when he saw that his drone had made international news. Whoops.

The incident did do at least one important thing -- it's causing President Obama to take a look at the proposed drone rules he's been putting off for months. After the drone landed on the White House lawn, the prez said that the U.S. must take steps to ensure commercial and consumer drones are used safely.

Rule number one ought to be -- don't drink and drone.

What's the dumbest thing you've ever witnessed a drunk person do?


Image via Don McCollough/Flickr

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