Couple Has Genius Response to Homophobic Graffiti Put on Their Door

It may be the season of peace and good cheer, but that's a fact lost on the most ignorant among us. One couple recently returned home to find a nasty, hateful slur carved into their door. Their response to this bigoted jerk was one of the best we've ever seen.


The heinous word: Faggots. Is this the first time a vicious insult had been lobbed at them? Probably not. People are cruel. People lash out in order to cover up their own pain and insecurities. However, whether you agree with their lifestyle or not, no one has the right to vandalize someone's home this way. It's shameful and criminal.

On the receiving end of something like this, most people would want revenge. Hunting them down and smearing dog crap on their door is one response that comes to mind. However, this couple took the high road. See the awesome message they posted on their door:

Don't you just love it! It's great how these guys were able to turn this moron's attempt to bully, hurt, and insult them around. That said, I still think they should try to find out who did this and have them kicked out of the building. Yes, people have the right to disagree with a neighbor's sexuality, but no one has the right to attack someone because of it. It's a shame they even have to deal with this in 2015.

What do you think of the couple's response to the vandalism?


Image via NewNowNextReddit, © Holger Scheibe/Corbis

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