Couple Forced to Move Wedding 24 Hours Before Ceremony Because Obama Wanted to Golf

barack obamaAs all brides can attest, there are a million and one things that can go wrong on a wedding day. Though there are some things not even the most conscientious of couples could be prepared for. Like say, your wedding being moved because of President Obama's golf game.


Army Captains Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue, Jr. were told they couldn't exchange vows on the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course in Hawaii as planned because the president had planned to play a round.

As a result, the pair and their guests had to relocate. With less than 24 hours before the long-planned walk down the aisle, they had to change everything. Ultimately, they had the ceremony on the lawn of the Marine Corps Base Hawaii -- not too far away from the course, which is also located there.

Fortunately, the new spot overlooked the Pacific coastline, so the event was beautiful. Still, I am sure most women (myself included) would have been incredibly pissed. The president golfs all the time. This was just another holiday outing for him, not a once-in-a-lifetime dream day. Is it really fair that this couple had to uproot everything so that the POTUS could knock a few balls around?

Ever the diplomat, the Prez reached out to the bride and groom to apologize after learning about the incident after the fact. That seemed to go a long way to smoothing things over. The bride's sister tweeted:

Obama just personally called my sister & her new husband to apologize for foiling their wedding venue golfing. Amazing!

Apparently the call "totally made their day" and the change ended up being a "blessing in disguise." So glad for them. Not sure other brides would have been so gracious. In fact, I would still be fuming -- apology or not. To really make up for this snafu, maybe the president should offer to pay the reception bill. Now that's an "I'm sorry" gesture anyone would appreciate.

How would you feel if this happened to you?

Image © LARRY DOWNING/Reuters/Corbis

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