Mom Gets Slammed for Complaining About Bibles Handed Out in School

bibleThe separation of church and state is pretty clear when it comes to public schools: religious beliefs are not to be taught there. So it's understandable that Georgia mom Jessica Greene was a little upset to learn that Bibles were being given away at her son's school. That seemed to fly in the face of the landmark Supreme Court ruling. Though more surprising than the passing out of religious doctrine was the reaction her complaint received from fellow parents. 


When she expressed her disapproval on the school's Facebook page, parents lashed out at her. One even wrote, "You're outnumbered here."

The trouble began when her fifth-grader son came home with a Bible that had been handed out to his class by an evangelical group that volunteered to distribute them. The students were told to form a line in the library but were not required to take the Bible if they didn't want it. The fact that the school allowed such a thing was a shock to Greene. Though she stood alone in her protest. She tried to contact the superintendent but says he never returned her calls. However, she did receive a message from the school via Facebook.

The Gideons are permitted to offer Bibles to students who wish to pick them up. It is strictly voluntary and the library was the location where students could pick one up; (our) librarian did not give them out. We appreciate your input. If you have further concerns, please contact administration during school hours. Thank you!

For her, saying that students didn't have to take the Bible was not good enough. By not taking it, they may have felt singled out. We should also note that her complaint is not because she doesn't believe in God. In fact, she purchased a Bible for her son after she had him return the one issued by the school. She just believes it's an inappropriate thing for the public education system to allow.

Do you think there is something wrong with distributing Bibles at school?

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