Obama Cracks Jokes During Turkey Pardon & Malia & Sasha Roll Their Eyes (VIDEO)

Obama Turkey PardonCorny dad jokes -- amirite? What is a teen daughter to do when her dad makes super cheesy jokes during the holidays? Sasha and Malia Obama just rolled their eyes at their dad's attempts at humor during the presidential turkey pardon on Wednesday, November 26, as Barack Obama granted "amnesty" to two turkeys.


"I am here to announce what I'm sure will be the most talked about executive action this month," the president joked. "Today I'm taking an action fully within my legal authority, the same kind of action taken by Democrats and Republican presidents before me to spare the lives of two turkeys, Mac and Cheese, from a terrible and delicious fate."

Obama was in the news this week for executive actions on immigration reform, a move many called an unconstitutional attempt to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Heh. Anyway, the prez continued, "Let's face it, if you're a turkey and named after a side dish, your chances of escaping Thanksgiving dinner are pretty low," Obama added. "So these guys are well ahead of the curve, they really beat the odds."

Watch to the end to watch Malia, 16, and Sasha, 13, offer a resounding, "No," when asked by their dad if they want to pet the turkey.

Did you enjoy watching Sasha and Malia act like normal teenage girls?


Image via PBS NewsHour/YouTube

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