Principal Who Sent Racist Tweet Actually Did Her Students a Favor (VIDEO)

It's not just kids who make foolish choices when it comes to sharing on social media. A Norfolk, Virginia, assistant principal is in hot water after sending a "racist" tweet.


Booker T. Washington High School administrator Amy Strickland has caused an uproar among students after she re-tweeted a photo of black male teens with their white prom dates captioned with the nasty quip, "Every white girl's father's worst nightmare."

Not surprisingly, it has outraged many. "I could have been any one of the boys in the picture," student Michael LeMelle said. "And I really don't see myself ... as anyone's worst nightmare." Now LeMelle and others are expecting principal Adrian Day to reprimand Strickland in some way. They also want to hear what Strickland has to say for herself.

While I think her tweet was inappropriate and asinine given her role in the community, I have to say that she has actually done the student body and her colleagues a great service. If this is how she really feels, they are better off knowing where she stands than being in the dark about her.

Now that the students know, they can turn to other staffers for help or guidance when needed as opposed to trusting someone who secretly disrespects them because of their race. To be honest, this is an issue people of color have dealt with for generations. 

I remember my own grandfather, who was raised in Alabama and migrated to Michigan in the '40s, describing the difference between racism in the north and the south. In one place, it's overt. In the other, you can feel a false sense of fairness and safety because people are not as open about their biases. Of course, he was mainly talking about what it was like in this country decades ago, but there is still some relevance to this theory. Now these kids know exactly the type of person they are dealing with.

Do you think Strickland should be punished for this tweet?


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