President Obama Goes Out of His Way to Make This Woman's Boyfriend Jealous (VIDEO)

Barack ObamaIt's rare that I find something to really like about President Obama (what? I'm a hardcore Republican. Sue me.), but I absolutely love the way he handled this PR opportunity.

The Prez was in Chicago Monday for early voting, and cameras were rolling because that's what cameras do when a president votes, and of course to make the whole thing as natural as possible, they put him next to fellow voter Aia Cooper. Only problem? Cooper's jealous boyfriend told Barack to keep his hands off his girl!


So that happened, and then awesomeness ensued.

Obama and Cooper were casting their ballots when Mike Jones called out from the audience, "Mr. President, don't touch my girlfriend now."

His incredulous girlfriend asked, "Did you just say that?"

Obama didn't miss a beat before responding, "You know, I really wasn't planning on it." He continued his commentary, "Now there's an example of a brother just embarrassing me for no reason. Just for no reason. Now you're going to go home talking to your friends about this."

Then he took it a step further and really gave everyone something to talk about! "You're gonna kiss me, give him something to talk about," he said as he hugged Cooper and kissed her cheek. He added, "Now he's really jealous."

I love when politicians have a sense of humor.

Do you love this video, or should presidents be more straightlaced?


Image via Barack Obama/Flickr

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