Mom Alerts Entire Neighborhood of Dad Who Carries Gun Around His Kids

dad carries gunMost parents will tell you that they will do anything they can to protect their children. The problem is many parents don't agree on what it means to do that. Take two Rochester, Minnesota, residents: A dad carries a concealed gun when he takes his daughters to elementary school. However, another parent thinks that poses a serious risk.


Two sides -- same struggle. Both Matthew Halleck and Kimberly Edson want to keep their children safe. Though they don't see eye to eye on how to accomplish that.

Edson recently revealed to everyone that Halleck carries the gun. But she didn't just spread the word among a few moms. She posted a sign in her front yard (which is across the street from the school) with his photo on it announcing, "This man carries a loaded gun around your children every day." I certainly would take notice of something like that, and I would be lying if I said it wouldn't alarm me. I don't want a gun anywhere near my kid's school.

That said, Halleck certainly has a right to carry one, a fact he is unapologetic about. "I'm going to protect my children any way I can," Halleck told reporters. He is even considering a libel lawsuit against Edson. Though he should bone up on his legal definitions. It's not actually libel if it is true.

For her part, Edson isn't backing down. She feels that since they cannot legally stop him from carrying the weapon around children, the parents should know what he's doing. "He has a Second Amendment right to carry the gun," she said. "I have my First Amendment right to say that I don't like it."

Do you think this mom was wrong for outing this gun-toting dad?


Image via ABC6

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