Little Girls Dropping F-Bombs to Bring Attention to Sexism Is Brilliant Idea (VIDEO)

fckh8.comThis is one clip the prudish should definitely pass on. There is a video making the rounds on the Internet of little girls dropping F-bombs in the name of feminism. They are dolled up in princess dresses and makeup, but there is NOTHING pretty about their words. And if you can get past their over-the-top potty mouths, you will see they have something very important to say.



Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by from on Vimeo.

It's hard to hear little kids speak this way, but there is a very important message cradled in all those curse words. The fact of the matter is there are much bigger dangers these girls will face than a few four-letter words. Pay inequality. Rape. Violence. These are the things that unfortunately shape their lives as they grow older.

Perhaps the most poignant part of the video was when they mentioned the statistic that one in five girls will be raped, each taking a number. Then one asked, "Which one of us will it be?" That was a truly powerful and frightening thing to see play out in front of us. The idea that one of these girls would be savagely attacked is just horrific.

Though, there are many who can't get past the language. Yes, it's offensive, but it may also be necessary. They are not talking to fellow children, they are talking to adults -- the many adults who shrug their shoulders when they hear that women make 23 percent less than men for the same job. The people who just ignore the fact that women can be more educated or better performers, but still valued so much less in the workplace. And it's not just men who miss this point. Many women, too, do little to change or protest the status quo. Is that really the world we want these kids to grow into? Is that really the world we want to sit complacently in?

The words they spew are cringe-worthy, but I think the video (an ad for the company, which sells clothing with wildly liberal slogans) is also pretty terrific. In this day and age, it does a lot more for the feminist struggle than debating passages of a Betty Friedan book. Young women and girls need to feel strong, empowered, like they have a voice -- this reminds us of that.

For better or worse, the age of the bookish, eloquent feminist may be over. To get the younger generations to take notice, the message has to be in your face and impactful. Not buying it? Look at it this way, this is the same population that idolizes the boozy antics of Snooki and the Bad Girls Club. The bottom line: the aim is the same (equality, freedom from violence), the approach just needed an update.

Do you think this video helps the feminist struggle or hurts it?


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