Man Who Refused to Remove American Flags Gets Unbelievable Response From Community (VIDEO)

cape coral american flagWhen an injustice occurs, it's nice to remember that sometimes you really can count on complete strangers to take up the cause with you. That's just what happened at Family Hardware in Cape Coral, Florida. A resident there, Jeff Verzi, was honoring six family members who were serving or had served in the military. He placed six flags in the right-of-way to do so. But then he was told to get rid of those flags after an "anonymous" complaint, saying that the rules prohibit putting any banners in the right-of-way.

Come on, people don't have anything else to do with their time? Yeesh.

But then the neighborhood rallied around Verzi after he refused, putting up more than 500 American flags in solidarity in a heartwarming act of patriotism.


Last week, apparently fellow residents started putting up flags at around 8 a.m. in the morning (the original reports surrounding this story came out on October 13), and it took about an hour to set all of them up. Eric Stange, who is the general manager at Family Hardware, doesn't take issue with his employee "breaking" the law and is glad to support troops however he can.

"It's all about the veterans," Stange said.

Verzi is now hoping to attend a meeting on October 20 and ask that they can amend the ordinance to exclude the American flag. Veterans will be showing up in uniform to support the cause. For your reference, a portion of the sign ordinance reads: “No part of any banner, sign, flag, or flagpole shall be hung, attached, or erected in any manner as to project into the right of way.”

But Verzi cares more about the spirit of the law than the letter. He says that one of the flags represents his son, Brett, who's 27 and is a second lieutenant in the Army Reserves. The others represent everyone in his family, from his grandfather to his uncles, who also served their country and risked their lives in wars. No wonder he refused to move them.

In response to all of this, Mayor Sawicki and City Manager John Szerlag issued the following statement:

A little defensive, huh? Granted, they were, indeed, following the law, American flag or no American flag. But considering the amount of attention this story has garnered and how many supporters Verzi has gotten nationwide, perhaps it is time to take another look at their policies. Plus, the residents of Cape Coral are put in a good light because of what happened, wouldn't you say? They saw an injustice and rallied around a fellow neighbor to fight it and show their displeasure and support him.

Setting up six tiny flags in honor of those who fought for our country really shouldn't cause this much of a controversy. Unless of course he stuck a humongous flagpole at the entrance of the store and no one could get around it somehow ... seriously, these lawmakers should let common sense be their guide. And let this guy show his pride in his military family in a way that obviously isn't harming or offensive to anyone else.

Here is more on the story:

Do you think Verzi should follow the rules and take down those flags?

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