Flash Mob Interrupts Symphony With Powerful Mike Brown Protest (VIDEO)

michael brown flash mob

Now that the media hype surrounding Michael Brown's killing and the subsequent riots have died down, it's easy for some people to forget what happened that day. However, one group is intent on keeping the issue in the headlines in the most unusual way. A flash mob interrupted a performance by the St. Louis Symphony in honor of the slain teen. Take a look.


The look on the patron's face at 1 minute and 17 seconds in proves why displays like this can do good. She seemed shocked, bewildered, and confused. Perhaps, for some, Michael Brown's tragic death had already started to become a distant memory, a bleak part of our history rather than a continued struggle. But the fact of the matter is police continue to profile and target minority men.

Since Brown's death, there have been several more shootings of unarmed men by police. That's a fact certainly not lost on the protesters. They sang an old civil rights anthem, "Which Side Are You On?" It's an important question. As the singers added to the end, "Justice for Mike Brown is justice for us all."

After their performance, the protesters left the auditorium peacefully and the orchestra went on as scheduled. Though hopefully, they changed the significance of that trip to the symphony for all those who were there. Hopefully, it made them think about and empathize with all those who continue to be affected by unfair treatment and police brutality.

What do you think of this flash mob performance?


Image via YouTube

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