Teacher Fired for Protecting 9-Year-Old From Alleged Racist Bullies (VIDEO)

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Teachers are supposed to look out for their students. It's unlikely that any parent would argue with that. So, of course when a Phoenix elementary school teacher noticed that a 9-year-old was being harassed by racist bullies, she jumped in. But shockingly, coming to his defense got her fired.


Pam Aister said that some students were calling an African American fourth grader the "n-word" and "monkey." She confronted the bullies, telling them, "He is not alone. When you pick on him, you pick on me. It is not five to one anymore. It is five to two." After the mother of one of these alleged hooligans complained, Aister said she lost her job. Administrators said she was too harsh and threatening.

Harsh? Really? Let's consider what these students said. According to reports, they would sling barbs like, "You belong in a zoo," "stupid monkey," and "crackhead." And never mind the torment was so bad that the little boy had to move schools. His mother, for one, thinks the decision to punish this teacher is outrageous. "That makes me beyond mad because why is she being fired for something she is supposed to do?" she fumed.

She's right. Teachers are there not only to teach, but to protect our kids -- even from each other. Standing up for a bullied student should earn her an award, not a place on the unemployment line. By doing this to her, the administration is enabling vicious bullying and racism. Aister's supporters have since launched a petition on Change.org to have her reinstated. Here's hoping it's successful.

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