Mom & Friend Chase Down Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting 7-Year-Old

Two women in Cincinnati, Ohio, are being hailed for chasing down and capturing a man who allegedly tried to rape a 7-year-girl. The girl was reportedly playing outside of her apartment complex when the man lured her into a laundry room by telling her that her mother was looking for her. There, he allegedly took down his pants and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him. It was then that her mom, with expert timing, came in to find the man trying to assault her daughter. He ran out, but mom wasn't about to let him get away.


Rasheeda Lawson says she was in her apartment building when she heard a woman yell, "Someone call the police, he just touched my daughter." She then said she saw a man run out of the laundry room while trying to pull up his pants.

The victim's mom then ran after the suspect, Terry Johnson, while Lawson decided to help and jumped in her car. Lawson told WLWT:

He was running, trying to get his pants back up, and couldn't never get them up.

This is a terrible thing to have happen, but I am really enjoying this image right now. But it gets even better.

Lawson says she finally caught up to him when he ran into a cemetery. Despite the fact that she had no idea how dangerous the guy was, or if he was armed, Lawson and the mom decided to take him down.

Lawson grabbed Mace and a stick from the back of her car and chased after him. She said:

Once I Maced him, he stumbled, looked which way he could go, and we started hitting him with the stick.

Luckily for the guy, cops arrived. Lawson said they arrested him with his junk still hanging out. "It was just gross, a gross mess," she says.

Johnson was arrested for attempted rape.

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Innocent until proven guilty, but it sounds like a good thing Lawson and the girl's mom were so brave and fierce, or he could still be roaming around.

What would you have done?


Image via WLWT

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