'Black Eyed Child' Ghost Terrifies Eyewitnesses With Unearthly Screams

black eyed children

If you type “black eyed children” into Google’s search, you get over 500,000 results. Black-eyed children, according to Wikipedia, are a paranormal phenomenon that started becoming prevalent in pop culture during the 1990s. Black-eyed children look anywhere from 7 to 16 years in age, with eyes that are solid black from iris to pupil. These children “seem to give off an eerie aura of menace merely by their very presence,” and according to one paranormal investigator, one of these creatures has recently reappeared in Staffordshire, England.

Of course, once you read the term paranormal investigator, you have to take this story with a grain of salt, but Lee Brickley says descriptions of this girl are identical to the firsthand accounts that circulated 30 years ago. Not only that, but there’s something different about this particular ghost that has him dishing out the following advice for anyone who sees her: start running while you still can.


Lee Brickley says he received a new eyewitness account of a black-eyed child in the Cannock Chase countryside of Staffordshire, England. A woman says she was walking through Birches Valley with her daughter when they heard what sounded like the screams of a child.

I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl, but they definitely seemed in distress and sounded very close to us, so we instantly started running towards the noise. We couldn't find the child anywhere and so stopped to catch our breath, that's when I turned round and saw a girl stood behind me, no more than 10 years old, with her hands over her eyes, like she was waiting for a birthday cake. I asked if she was okay and if she had been the one screaming, she then put her arms down by her side and opened her eyes, which is when I saw they were completely black, no iris, no white, nothing. I jumped back and grabbed my daughter, when I looked again, the child was gone.

Brickley says this woman’s experience matches that of an earlier sighting from 1982, which involved, naturally, his own aunt. Hooboy.

She was also walking in the Cannock Chase area when she heard a girl’s voice calling for help:

Rushing to locate the sound, she stumbled upon a dirt track and caught sight of the girl, about six years old running in the opposite direction. When my aunt caught up, the girl turned around and looked her in the eyes, and then ran off into the dark woodland. Her eyes had been completely black with no trace of white. There was a police search but to no avail.

According to Brickley, U.S. reports of black-eyed children suggest that they often appear in groups, knocking at people’s doors and asking if they may come inside. Reddit has a healthy collection of black-eyed children stories, including one from a person who claims two of the spirits came to his door after midnight on Halloween and said, “Can we just wait in your house until our parents come get us?”

So, is there really such a thing as black-eyed children? This paranormal researcher says that while no one’s ever been able to prove they do exist, nor has anyone been caught in a hoax, so “the evidence isn't clear either way.” He does say, however,

In my opinion, black-eyed kids are nothing more than an urban legend sparked by one story many years ago that has taken on a life of its own.

As for Lee Brickley (who, it must be noted, is the comma-hating author of UFOs Werewolves & The Pig-Man: Exposing England’s Strangest Location -- Cannock Chase), he says there’s one creepy difference with the black-eyed child in England:

Only on Cannock Chase do the sightings consistently happen during the daytime.

What say you, ghost fans? Are black-eyed children real?

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