Woman Uses Bat to Smash Car She THOUGHT Was Her Ex's

Monica Milam

I’m no stranger to revenge fantasies, so I completely understand the impulse that must have propelled a 40-year-old Tennessee woman to allegedly take a stolen baseball bat to her ex-girlfriend’s car in a Walmart parking lot last week. 

Unfortunately for Monica Milam, it wasn’t actually her ex’s car that was the recipient of her scorned woman-style rage, but that of a stranger who was probably none too pleased to find his parked car’s rear and side windows and taillights broken. Oops.


According to WKRN in Nashville, a police officer witnessed the entire incident, resulting in a chase on foot and Milam being charged with both merchandise theft and vandalism. So now she is facing serious jail time, all for nothing.

As I said, I can understand her motivation to some degree. When I was 15, a boy cruelly broke my heart, so to get back at him, I signed him up for subscriptions to several hard-core gay porn magazines in the hopes that his parents would find them in the mail and have a very embarrassing conversation with him about his sexuality. (If you’re reading this, Ian -- sorry about that.) 

In the throes of a terrible breakup, who hasn’t imagined gleefully smashing up an ex’s beloved truck or hiring a bunch of burly hit men to kidnap the cheating bastard and give him a firm talking to? Studies even suggest that having revenge fantasies can be healthy for you, but as Psychology Today points out, there is a big difference between thinking about something and actually acting upon it. 

In Monica Milam’s case, she really should have just have played out the retribution in her head, or else skipped the stolen baseball bat and left some funny car magnets on her ex’s car instead while humming along to Carrie Underwood’s "Before He Cheats." Because pranks, while immature, are at least not punishable by law.

Tell me, have you ever thought about enacting revenge on an ex? 


Written for The Stir by Margeaux Klein


Image via MNPD

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