5 Teen Girls As Young As 11 Shot at Miami Night Club Late at Night

At least 5 teenage girls were among 15 people injured after a shooting took place at a night club in Miami. And when we talk about "teens," we mean really young girls -- some of the victims who sustained gunshot wounds were reportedly between the ages of 11 and 17.

The incident reportedly took place on Sunday at 1 a.m. at a club called The Spot. Police are still investigating the shooting, which they say sent adults and teens rushing from the club. A Miami police department spokesperson says they still don't have a motive, nor do they know how many shooters were responsible for the violence or how many shots were fired.


Here's what is clear: a total of 13 people were hospitalized and 2 others were released after being treated. One male is in critical condition after he was found unresponsive and not breathing, and at least three of the five young girls who were shot were reportedly taken to the pediatric unit of the hospital. The details of their condition were not made public.

Cops say they are baffled by the number of young people who were partying into the wee hours of the morning and are trying to find out what kind of event was taking place. Witnesses are reporting that they heard as many as 100 shots being fired from four different guns.


Of course, it isn't the fault of these young teens that something like this happened, and we can't blame their parents based on the limited info we have because we don't have a clue if they actually got permission to stay out this late. A lot of us, myself included, fibbed to our parents and told them we were sleeping out at so-and-so's house when we were really sneaking into a club. Anything could have happened.

But it's difficult to understand why any establishment that sells alcohol and is open late would make the mistake of letting an 11-year-old girl through its doors. I don't care how much older they look, no club or bar should allow young teens to party with adults in a setting that caters to adults.

Wishing the victims a speedy recovery and hoping police quickly get to the bottom of this mysterious crime.

Do you think the club should be held accountable for the teens being shot?


Image via Satish Krishnamurthy/Flickr

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