Parents Arrested After 5-Year-Old Tests Positive for Cocaine

A couple were arrested after their 5-year-old boy reportedly tested positive for cocaine. The pair, Marco and Sandy Cuevas, were allegedly dealing drugs out of their home and back of their car. When cops descended on them, they reportedly found the toddler sitting in the back seat with a bag of cocaine next to him. He allegedly subsequently tested positive for the drug.


Authorities say that the couple ran a drug ring in Ventura County, California that used teens to sell their wares. Police say they found pounds of marijuana, hundreds of prescription pills, 16 guns and nearly 3000 rounds of ammo in their home. Oh yes, this is the home they shared with their three children, including the 5-year-old. And ... Sandy is pregnant. Of course!

All three children were taken into protective custody. Marco Cuevas is being held on one million dollars bond, but Sandy was reportedly released on bail.

Sandy Cuevas's sister says there is no way the toddler was on drugs, and that her sister is "a perfect mom." Wow, some people's definition of "perfect" certainly is a bit twisted.

Even if the child hadn't tested positive for cocaine, growing up amongst two alleged drug dealers armed to the teeth isn't exactly a safe environment.

Cops say the half-pound bag of cocaine was right on the seat next to the boy. And that the couple were on their way to a drug deal. Perfect? Hardly!

It's unclear how the little boy may have gotten cocaine in his system. But considering a bag was reportedly sitting right next to him, well, anything could have happened.

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No word on what will happen to the baby that Sandy is reportedly carrying.

Image via Ventura County Sheriff's Dept.


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