Four Members of College Softball Team Die in Horrific Crash

Horrible and sad news: four members of a Texas college softball team were killed after their team's van crashed into a tractor-trailer that reportedly crossed the center median and collided into it on Friday night.

The incident took place in Oklahoma while the North Central Texas College women's softball team was traveling on Interstate 35 after playing at Southern Nazarene University. And the crash isn't being handled like an ordinary accident. It's being investigated like a homicide, according to authorities.


The girls’ van, which was being driven by the team coach, was suddenly struck by a truck headed north when it somehow jumped over the median and wound up on the southbound lane. The truck reportedly hit the van and kept going, ending up somewhere on the side of the road, where it took police over one hour to locate it.

Three young players reportedly died at the scene and a fourth woman died at the hospital. None of the victims’ names or ages have been released. The team’s coach declined to be treated at the hospital, even though the driver’s side of the van was reportedly the most damaged. The driver of the tractor-trailer was hospitalized and is expected to survive.

Both drivers will be tested for alcohol consumption and police say something happened to cause the sudden impact, but it may take several weeks to determine the cause.

On the North Central Texas College Facebook page, a post reads: “We ask for your prayers at this time for our softball team. Their bus has been involved in an accident in Oklahoma.”

Why do you think the tractor-trailer jumped over the median?


Image via North Central Texas College Softball/Facebook

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