5-Day-Old Baby Shot in Dad's Arms After Hunting Bullet Goes Astray

The first few days of your baby's life are some of the most precious imaginable. You spend as much time as you can holding your precious bundle, marveling at his or her tiny toes, fingers, and cute facial expressions. That's probably exactly what the father of a 5-day-old infant was doing when, out of nowhere, his precious bundle was almost taken from this world. A bullet came tearing through the home's window and lodged in the worst place it could have -- the baby's head. This wasn't a high crime area. The bullet came from a hunter on another property in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania.


The baby's father was sitting on the couch holding the infant when one of a group of hunters on another property shot and the bullet came through the house. It's unclear how far away the men were. Police say the shooting was an "improbable accident" and that "nobody could make that shot if they tried."

There's no indication that the hunter will be charged.

It's amazing how, as parents, we do so much to protect our kids, and yet, at the end of the day, it can be totally out of our hands anyway. A stray bullet, a drunk driver coming in the opposite direction, a sudden virus that turns deadly. So many things can happen and you can't predict or defend yourself from all of them.

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That's why it's so important to enjoy every day, and to always let your children know you love them, even when they're driving you nuts. You never know when the end might come.

Fortunately, the baby is still alive but in an intensive care unit. Let's all hope he pulls through.

Do stories like this make you appreciate every moment?


Image via vastateparkstaff/Flickr

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