Students & Teachers Protest 'Anti-American' Curriculum

American Flag Classroom

I'm rolling my eyes at you, Jefferson County School Board, and your whack-a-doodle Advanced Placement US History curriculum. And I'm applauding the teachers and the students who are protesting it for its anti-American teachings.

In fact, these kids are probably getting a better education by practicing their first amendment right to free speech than they would stuck at a desk in AP US History in this county, because a new proposal to review the way it's taught says, "Materials should not encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife, or disregard of the law."


I'm sorry, say what now? One of our most fundamental rights as Americans -- the very thing that makes us Americans -- may be taught as a bad idea? No one tell Hillary Clinton! She very famously has said that dissent is patriotic, and we have every right to debate and disagree with the government.

You know who disregarded the law? Martin Luther King, Jr. Oh, but the kids wouldn't know who that guy was, because he's left out of the proposed new curriculum. Benjamin Franklin too -- another rebel rouser. Geez, do they even teach the American Revolution at all? Because that was an entire army of badly behaved Brits disregarding English law and establishing their own damn country.

This seems like the perfect place for a wonderful quote from the leader of the Civil Rights Movement himself. MLK, Jr. once said, "One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws."

The teachers and students protesting the new material are supported by the Jefferson County Education Association, whose president, John Ford, said, "I think it's awesome that students understand and recognize their first amendment rights and they're taking action." He added, "Trying to create a board that in some ways purifies our curriculum is a little bit concerning and somewhat chilling."

Dozens of students walked out of classes in at least seven high schools in the district this week, after a teacher-staged and orchestrated "sick-out" last Friday that shut down two of the schools.

Good for them. It's a crash course in the American way.

Do you think high schoolers should be taught not to question the government?


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